Repair Cafe Mountain View

Don’t toss them, repair them!

What happens at a Repair Café Event?

Repair Café Mountain View hosts events approximately 4 times a year. Bring your broken items and work with our repair volunteers to assess what it would take to repair them. You can work with our volunteers to do the repair yourself under their guidance, or have them tackle the job directly. Our fix rate is runs between 50% and 70% depending on the items brought in. So with any luck you’ll leave with your item repaired and some curiosity and confidence about how to repair other items in your world.

Who We Are

Repair Café Mountain View was founded by Maia and Greg Coladonato. We’re Mountain View residents and advocates for reuse, repair and waste prevention. Besides saving repairable items from the doom of the landfill, one of the things that we love best about Repair Café is the amazing community of fixers, volunteers and apprentices that are so generous with their time and skills.

Originally founded in the Netherlands, locally Repair Cafe got its U.S. start in Palo Alto, and we're grateful to its organizers who helped us get a Repair Café established in Mountain View as well.